Dantzaz promotes

professionalisation in the dance sector. 

Since its creation in 2002, Dantzaz has been a platform for the projection and launching of artists linked to the world of dance.

Nowadays, it has become a rara avis that deepens its vocation to provide opportunities and accompany the artistic trajectories and processes of performers and choreographers who come from all over the world.

Dantzaz is employment

Dantzaz offers opportunities:


Choreographic Performers

With a European and border-crossing vision, it seeks to establish alliances to provide opportunities and support for artists in the world of dance, nourishing professional careers and creative processes in different areas:

  • Repertoire: this is an opportunity to explore different choreographic styles in which one can work in a group and develop one’s skills as a performer.
  • Research and Choreographic Creations: Improves improvisation and co-creation and reflects on choreographic creation methodologies.
  • Choreographic Production and Touring: Develops group competencies, makes creative decisions and contributes to the production of choreographic proposals.
  • Outreach and Community Work: Collaborates in community dance projects, connecting dance with the community.

Types of Scholarships

Apprentice scholarships, MUGIZ for local performers (Euroregion Euskadi-Navarre-New Aquitaine): Initiative for young Euroregional performers, promoting the development of local talent.

Erasmus+ scholarships: For artists from the European Union seeking practical and collaborative experiences contributing to artistic diversity in collaboration with their educational institutions.


MUGIZ apprentice scholarship-contract: Young performers from the Euroregion with a monthly salary of 250 euros over a 10-month period (summer-spring) and affiliation to the Social Security system.

Erasmus+ scholarship contract: For performers from the European Union, financed by the Erasmus+ programme, plus an extra €150 per month offered by Dantzaz.

Employment contracts (as artists): both scholarships are combined with employment contracts as artists in the performances and public events to be carried out during their stay at Dantzaz, according to the labour agreement of reference (AAEE agreement of Euskadi).


If you are looking for not only a dance space, but also a community committed to your growth and development,

we are eager to meet you soon!

Admission and selection

At Dantzaz, we welcome passionate and committed artists to become part of our choreographic family. We offer several scholarship positions for choreographic performers in the professionalisation phase every year.

Would you like to join Dantzaz?

Here we tell you how:

  • Solid background in classical dance and solid knowledge of contemporary dance.
  • High motivation to work in a group and participate in public awareness actions.
  • Energy and enthusiasm to be part of a varied.

Admission Process

  1. Audition application:

Get noticed! Send an email to audizioak@dantzaz.eus  with your presentation. Attach your CV, photos, videos and a motivation letter reflecting your interests. We do not accept recommendation emails from third parties.

2. Private audition:

If you are selected, we invite you to a private audition. You will be able to participate in our rehearsals, take classes and immerse yourself in our philosophy and daily work. Furthermore, you will have a personal interview with Adriana Pous, our artistic director, to receive guidance on your way to professionalisation.

3. Final interview:

If the necessary conditions are met by both parties, we will schedule a job interview to define key details such as the regulatory framework of the contract, duration and other relevant administrative procedures. This step marks the end of the selection process for Dantzaz scholarship positions.


DANTZAZ has set up a network of allies that offers local and international choreographers various formulas for three or four annual production and creation residencies (lasting between 2 and 4 weeks) enriched with a process of artistic and management accompaniment.


  • If you are a choreographer from the Euroregion, go to www.atalak.eus.
  • If you are a choreographer living outside the Euroregion, consult this website’s ‘Dantzaz is creation’ section or contact us at artistik@dantzaz.eus.
Esta fórmula (inspirada en la acepción “boomerang”) permite que antiguos/as intérpretes de la compañía continúen en contacto con Dantzaz durante esos periodos de menor actividad profesional asistiendo a las clases abiertas y a las sesiones de entrenamiento periódicas que se programan en nuestra sede de Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea.

Además, se les da la oportunidad de participar en diversos proyectos de Dantzaz a través de contratos profesionales. Con este “status” se facilita también la creación de un ecosistema que nutre el intercambio de experiencias entre antiguos/as y nuevos/as componentes de Dantzaz.


To other professionals in the dance sector

In each production process (more than sixty artistic projects are proof of the company’s trajectory during its two decades of existence), Dantzaz hires costume designers, lighting and stage technicians, set designers and composers. In many cases, these contracts are formalised through collaboration agreements that the company has signed with various European cultural and educational institutions.

If you are interested, please send us your curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation to orok@dantzaz.eus, and you will be included in our database.



Mentoring: KABIDANZ

In collaboration with the local development agency of our region, Oarsoaldea, Dantzaz has created KABIDANZ, a coworking and mentoring space for entrepreneurship projects in the dance sector carried out by former members of the company and other users of Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea. This initiative promotes employment in the live arts (through advice and the promotion of new projects), through the support of development agencies (both in Oarsoaldea and in the Euroregion) and by combining tools and management models that connect the world of the performing arts and economic development.

If you want to present a project to be supported/advised in Kabidanz, don’t hesitate to get in touch with orok@dantzaz.eus.